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LHB GmbH & Co. Beschichtungs-KG is a market leading manufacturer of coated and technical laminates in Europe

Innovative technology: Using the most innovative technologies we are able to process almost any spunbond, laminate, paper or fiber. Our products find their application in various segments and industries. However, the priority is always the same: quality and customer satisfaction.

Satisfied consumers: In the past 20 years, our family-owned company has gathered countless national and international customers; all satisfied with our quality, service and sales-network across Europe.

Over 100 employs Altogether: LHB GmbH & Co. Beschichtungs-KG employs over 100 people across their two factories, in Aschersleben and Reichenbach.



Thereafter, we further process our products in Reichenbach on state of the art coating-, laminating- and converting machines, having as a result the most innovative products, which find applications in many different industries.

Weight: 17-130 gsm; Width: 70 mm – 2.40 m Raw
Material: Polypropylen (PP) or Polyethylen (PE)

Weight: 20-80 g Width: 100 mm – 5.20 m Raw
Material: Polypropylen (PP) or Polyethylen (PE)

Weight: 20 – 120 gsm, Width 70 mm – 2.40 m or stretched up to 5.20 m Core/coating ratio: variable

Is a special laminate made out of a PP-Spunbond and a breathable PP-based film. Thanks to its excellent features such as dust and water impermeability at the same time as breathable, Linopore can be applied in many segments as for instance

  • Safety and protective clothing
  • Construction material
  • Medical application

Bico-Spunbond PP/PE with a PE-Film Laminate made out of Bico-Spunbond und breathable PE-based Film.

Contact us It would be our pleasure to welcome you in our factories, both in Reichenbach and Aschersleben; and answer your special requests. We will help you be one step ahead of your competition by offering you a high quality and cost efficient product.


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